Data Ventures


We’re dedicated to creating a community of data scientists and analysts here at Harvard.


Our goals are:

  1. Teach students the necessarily skills they need to hit the ground running (both theoretical and practical skills)
  2. Organize speakers and talks from a variety of discipline.
  3. Tackle data science projects from the industry.


We have two different kinds of members:


Trainees are students that are comping the club in order to learn data science skills. They’re not directly involved with Projects, but after a semester of training they’ll be placed on projects so they can start to practice their new knowledge.


Fellows are talented and experience data scientists, who have already used data science in internships, research projects, or elsewhere. They have a variety of roles within Data Ventures, but make up the core of the Projects team.


Harvard Data Ventures’s board consists of:


If you’re interested in supporting Harvard Data Ventures, please get in touch.


Feel free to email if you have any questions.